Inexperienced Does Not Mean Incapable

Welcome to the LEVELS ARG School. If you are new to ARGs and wish to learn how to solve ARG puzzles and investigate ARGs, you are in the right place! If you are an experienced ARG player and wish to learn more advanced ARG skills, you are also in the right place!

To start with some easier puzzles, check out The Game Room. When you are ready for some more difficult puzzles, wander down The Hallway. You may also get there by way of the Rabbit Hole, which we highly recommend if you have never visited it. And we also have a missing lock on the Welcome page with which we could really use some assistance. Finally, be sure to take part in our Twelve Days of Decoding event on Reddit. Can you make it all the way through... and beyond?

Note that if you are logged into your account, you will get points for each puzzle you solve, including those on Twitter and Reddit.

The LEVELS ARG School: Providing a safe place to play for kids of all ages!